Friday roundup

Will hurricane Isabel be the fourth category 5 hurricane to hit the US mainland since 1900? Could be – expectations are that by mid-week next week it’ll be off the coast of Florida – hopefully, it won’t be a direct hit, coming in straight west. [via Drudge]

Looks like moonshine drinking is on the loose, yet again. Thought it had gone by the wayside? Me too, but according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, lead poisoning deaths are on the rise in Atlanta and other urban communities, caused basically by one thing – moonshine drinking.

Music sharing!
Cindy Rodriguez at the Denver Post has a great article today about file sharing and bullying that I highly recommend. Unlike many other people who just complain about people getting busted, she actually makes recommendations, which at least seem somewhat reasonable, such as new pricing for CDs, etc. Check it out.

Social Health Care?
Good or bad, right or wrong, most nations go by a “welfare” type health care system, cheap for the people, one big provider, but not always efficient. Econopundit’s Steve Antler has a post about it from earlier this week.

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