Mobile Phone Stuff

So I generally like adding stuff to my mobile phone, and ever since I got Motorola’s T720 earlier this year (which has polyphonic ringtones and backgrounds), I’ve gotten a few free items and paid for a few. I kind of like the option, and don’t really mind the nominal $.99-$1.99 fees for such. But they tend to run out when you’re only looking at your provider’s site.

So this afternoon, I was searching for stuff in Google, and I came across two sites that are pretty good. The first one, Pimptones is there to “pimp out” your telephone… It’s pretty good, has a decent selection, and has good pricing.

But then I came across Zingy. Their site is pretty darn cool. They’ve got a lot of ringtones, and the best feature they have is letting you chop a piece out of your own photo, and based on the screen size of your phone, send a message to your phone to pick it up on the wireless Web, and set it as a background. I know there is software to do this on your own, but most people have cut the dialup connection from their computers, and don’t have a modem anyway, so they don’t do it. Others don’t have an infrared point either. For $1.99, you can put a photo of your kids, your significant other, or your pet, or whatever – on your phone. Pretty cool if you ask me. They also offer a $2.99/month subscription whereby you can get 5 ringtones or backgrounds per month, instead of $1.99 each. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

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