Well, even though Matt Drudge’s headlines of late asking Isabel to “make up her mind” have seemed contrary, it looks like the Eastern portion of the US will be hit with a hurricane later on this week. It’s been expected to slow down (you can see it here) as it gets closer to land, and now looks like it’ll be right up on the coast by sometime Thursday. Mind you, that’s the center of the storm. I’m probably in for some bad weather in the NYC metropolitan area. Always exciting. MSNBC also has some coverage… I love how they’re saying “still packs some punch” – ooh, yeah – it’s down from 150mph to only 140. Whew, I feel so much better now. Now only 9 of the 10 houses on my street will lose their roof.

[update] further coverage with some good links and comments over at MetaFilter. USA Today has some good information on preparation for a hurricane hitting your house and such.

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