The Ides of September

Added “Forums” to the site a few days ago, as another place for folks to chat about stuff. I’ve only added a “politics” forum so far, but can add more if people are willing to use them. Feel free to email me if you’d like to have a specific topic added. Perhaps they’ll pick up as the site traffic picks up.

Also – a federal appeals court postponed October 7th’s recall election in California, stating that old-school punch card voting machines need to be replaced by another method in some districts. Great – now we get to have more politicking by Arnold, Mary Carey, and Dave Grayvis.

Don’t you think “Cash to be buried today” was a poor choice for a headline? What if you don’t like Johnny Cash or completely forgot about the fact that he died, or you just came in from a trip in another country or something? Perhaps it’s just me, but I didn’t think it read very well.

There’s a front-page-on-the-Web-article at the Seattle Times today about Sir Mix-a-Lot, which you can read here. Glad to see he’s getting semi-mainstream props from a publication – but then again, it is his hometown. [here’s my post from last Thursday on this topic] It’s a good article. I always wondered what his real name was.

Yahoo! has an article from today’s Washington Post, written by Brian Krebs, about the recent glut of software patch updates, mostly focusing on Microsoft. The article centers mostly around the time it’s taking system administrators and staff to install them. What should be added is the time that users are losing out on their work day, or ending up staying late. If you were to have to give up your computer 15 minutes every couple days, it gets annoying – your techs can’t work everyone’s computers at lunchtime!

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