I’m a big fan of calling out spammers when they do things, even when there is a legit business behind it. I’ve received the following to an email address I’m not using anymore, but my previous cable company has yet to shut down – it currently forwards to a personal email of mine. Anyone else get this? I’ve never signed up for their “seminar”, nor do I plan to. What is up with people. I suppose spam must work somewhere, because it keeps coming.

FROM: (FF&CG Capital Management) | Save Address
DATE: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:10:12 -0500
TO: <>
SUBJECT: Chicago Board of Trade


I am writing in response to your recent request for a free online “Investor
Tutorial” from the Chicago Board of Trade’s web site.

My name is Jon and I am the principal of FF & CG Capital Management,
and I have been a licensed futures
professional since 1988, and have been professionally advising individual
clients since 1991. My firm is unique, highly specialized and concentrates
entirely on professionally Managed Futures. When advising current and
prospective investors, I always emphasize the many reasons why proven
professional management offers the best opportunity for the highest returns
and quality performance, rather than trading alternative products for
themselves. I would appreciate the opportunity to explain to you the
benefits of having a small portion of your portfolio (5% – 20%) allocated to
professionally Managed Futures, a little-known but growing asset class.

On a personal note, I am proud to say that FF & CG Capital Management will
only advise client participation in programs to which my personal funds are
exposed, and which have proven successful over a considerable period of

* Personal account statements are available upon request.

Very Truly Yours,

FF & CG Capital Management

Dear Jon,

If you were so concerned about investors coming to use your service, perhaps you should not use methods such as this to contact prospects. No one signed up my address for this, and I certainly didn’t do it myself. Stop buying lists from Howard Dean.



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