Friday Roundup

One would imagine that when you looked through your site referrer report, and came across “” as one of the domains that a visitor was coming from, that it would be pretty neat. But when you see that the visitor found you while looking for “rss weather news“, then it’s even funnier. Don’t they have their own feeds? I suppose not. Either way, I thought it was nice to see they ended up here, as the lingosphere seems to be the third referred site for that search. The lingosphere is actually the first and second site for “rss weather feeds”, which I also found peculiar, since I just refer people to the RSS weather feed service I use. Oh well – the power of the Internet – traffic is traffic.

I got a second kick today about the gym across the street from the office having their sign outside say “ISABEL WHO”. Turned out not to be quite what they expected, at least in the NY Metro area.

Yes! Verisign’s been sued over “SiteFinder” service that they’ve rolled out this week [referenced earlier this week here] The folks at have banged them with a $100MM antitrust lawsuit, so we’ll see if anything else follows, i.e. comments from other affected parties, etc. CNET has some commentary on this and other topics of the week here.

Ready for Number Portability in the USA? November 24th is coming, and the carriers are all over it in their advertising. This article at USA Today says that 9 million cellphone users plan to switch carriers immediately, and 39 million more plan to look around. In case you haven’t heard, this is the deadline when carriers will be forced to let you take your mobile telephone number with you when you switch providers – you’re already paying for the fees associated with this on your bills – probably for a while now. So this all-out blitz is so carriers can lock in their current customers to 1 or 2 year deals in order to keep them around a while and stop the “churn”, as they refer to it.

I’m sorry, I don’t care what Ashcroft says – even if they haven’t “looked into my library reading list” this year with the Patriot Act provisions, there’s a potential for abuse like nothing seen in years. I’m surprised to not see more written about this on the ‘net.

New spam rules in Britain allow for fines and such for spammers who don’t “ask permission”. The big deal here is also that it applies to messages being sent to people’s mobile telephones, which is also terrible.

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