Terrorist Screening

Earlier this week, the White House announced that it had implemented a new Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), where all government watchlists were put together into one big watchlist, one might say simply. So, does this mean that the FBI, CIA, DHS, and local folks were all looking at different lists? I can understand the local folks all having their own watchlists, but otherwise I think it’s kind of kooky, to be honest – that this just happened. Shouldn’t the Feds be looking at the same data?

I mean, I watched ABC’s “Threat Matrix” earlier this week, and I thought it was actually pretty well done – if half the stuff is true on that show, it seems like those folks are light-years ahead of what our real Department of Homeland Security is up to. Or at least from what they publicize. Obviously they don’t want to tell you everything for obvious reasons, but if the average American can point out flaws on a regular basis, then either they think we’re all idiots, or we’re right (at least somewhat).

Either way, it ends up being a good announcement, for at least we know going forward that all the folks will be looking at the same page when screening for terrorists and such. Do you think they’ll have this for AvantGo?

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