No Cheese, dammit!

Peter Shaplen over at has an article from yesterday about “noise,” and the apparent increase in it, and its effects. He uses a perfect example which we can all relate to – you talk and people answer with another question, which completely contradicts what you said. Less is More is the theme of the article, and his first ponderance is my favorite thing to rant on – that cheese is the default.

Fine – a lot of people like cheese – maybe most people like cheese. I don’t really care. Why is it the default? I don’t like it on my burgers, I don’t like it on my sandwiches, I don’t like it on anything, really – I take it off my pizza a lot. Part of it is that I’m a bit lactose intolerant, part of it is that it’s nasty. To me, at least. Probably because I know what it is, partially because the consistency of it skeeves me out. Like Mayo. Who thought that was a good idea?

If I order a HAMBURGER, I want a HAMBURGER. You have an option for cheeseburger. It shouldn’t take longer to get a hamburger than a cheeseburger, because you made more with cheese. You made more with cheese because you want to drive more revenues, and since cheeseburgers are more expensive, look what you did. People don’t listen, I firmly believe this. When you order something, and explicitly state what you want on your meal, i.e no onions, or that you’re allergic to nuts or something, and then it comes out the opposite way – they either wrote down that you DID want that thing, because they’re in the habit of doing so – or they weren’t listening at all. Who konws. All that’s important is, someone needs to either a> shut up and listen or b> change the way that people are taught to listen in general. Perhaps they’re the same solution – who cares – all I’d really like is some reality in this world, and maybe this is a good first step. Upselling is one thing – not hearing is another.

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