Segways Get the Boot?

Looks like ginger, which we all know and love as the Segway, has been sent back to its maker by the U.S. Government after some reports of folks falling off of them. The MSNBC article here has a photo of George W. Bush falling off of one, which a lot of folks caught on the Internet. If you happen to have a Segway (because you know everyone has one), you’re instructed to give them a call and a software upgrade can fix the problem. How do you think that works? Do you ship it back to them and front the money, or does the Segway Repair man come out and take care of it? I mean, shouldn’t Segway be calling you? How many could be out there, seriously? JMHO.

[update: some quality comments at MetaFilter, and a different article link than MSNBC…]

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