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Well hello there, and welcome to The Media Drop.

I’ll give a brief overview of what’s going on here, and from there it’s up to you what comes out of it. I’ve always had an interest in hearing from various folks in the media, such as television and radio broadcasters, journalists, and especially bloggers. What makes them tick, what they are into, and why they have such focus on certain topics, all the while attempting to stay impartial whenever possible. Since these folks are people too, they obviously have feelings and opinions that they aren’t really supposed to be sharing in a piece, unless they are op-ed individuals or some of the blogger-pundits you read. I’ve always been curious to be able to talk to some of these folks, and hear what they have to say.

So I figured I would share this idea with everyone, see if I can get some folks to do an interview or six with me, and go from there. I’ll take ’em however I can get them. Email, telephone, instant messaging device, SMS, whatever. If you’ve got suggestions or know someone who might be interested in getting interviewed, please send them to me at tom@themediadrop.com anytime.

I’m also just interested in covering the media as a whole – evolution, branding, corporate structure, among other things. So I’ll be intermingling interviews (fingers crossed) with just regular coverage of that kind of stuff.

Otherwise, look for this site to get a little more done up and prettified in the days and weeks to come. At the moment I’m concerned about content, which is, of course, king.

So here goes!

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