Do you read the paper?

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After reading this article over at Reuters entitled “Most US consumers get local news from papers-study”, I got to thinking…. Is that for real?

I have gotten to the point where the *only* print medium that comes across my desk or couch cushions is Sports Illustrated. Oh, and we get the Sunday paper at home, but I never really read it – we clip all the coupons and go from there – believe me, what it cost us for a year’s worth of Sunday papers is maybe 1 trip to the grocery store’s worth of coupon savings.

I read the Wall Street Journal online (contrary to their repeated attempts to “supplement” my reading online with the print edition…I don’t get it.), and check out tons of blogs and read newsfeeds like there is no tomorrow.

And yes, I do read “newspapers” in that way. What I can’t tell from this article about the study is if the surveyors counted *online* newspapers. If so, then I’ll agree with it. But the way it reads, it seems to mean the print edition. Sure, commuters on trains/subways/buses make up a large portion of the readers, at least in major metro areas, but 61%? Wow.

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