FOAFs As Tools

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Last night I joined my first online-networking system, LinkedIn. I figured it was worth just checking out, even if I stopped using it after a while. I’m not a big fan of them, as people use it for too much of the online dating type stuff, which is fine, but seriously – leave your house once in a while.

I see the FOAF (Friend of a Friend) following to be quite useful if you are able to a) actually access the system, and b) find a network of individuals which you can actually reach out to and utilize, whether for finding a job, finding a candidate for a position you’re looking to fill, or, in my case here, finding folks that would be willing to give their insights and inputs in a short interview for the site.

So, I figured I’d give it a whirl, signed up, and searched a little bit to see if there was someone worth doing a short interview with. I sent a message out to him through the system, and woke up today and was happy to see a positive reply – so I’ll hopefully have one short interview put together for the site in the next week or so, and can go from there.

So, the question is – are FOAF-type systems good for you, or are they another tedious trend that will go the way of nehru jackets?

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