NYMag Media Guy Says Bye-Bye!

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

I was just perusing the NYTimes through bloglines and came across this front-pager, “Michael Wolff to Leave New York Magazine for Vanity Fair“.

Wow – pretty big deal. It seems to be expected, according to the article, after Wolff and a group of investors didn’t win the recent bidding battle over Primedia’s one-thought-of gemstone, New York Magazine. Wolff will be heading over to Vanity Fair, as of this March, and will definitely add to some of the problems that have come up in recent times at NY Mag.

So it looks like this will be Wolff’s last column, most likely, at New York Magazine, a somewhat melodramatic sendoff of the political race that is this year’s Democratic primaries, where he all but crowns names George W. Bush as the winner of the upcoming elections later this fall.

We should all be able to write eight columns a year and three “long features” to boot. And get paid handsomely.

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