What Makes A Good Blogger?

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John Robb thinks he knows what you have to do to get a “hot weblog”.

I think it’s kind of unfortunate that he groups people who are thinkers and topic owners as “second tier” bloggers, though. Following this theory, do you just have to “connect” to a lot of folks through your blogroll, “drop names”, like “I saw Lileks post this today” and “man, Instapundit and I agree on this”.

I’d have to say the way he describes ideologue, as “people that support a single cause with unquestioned faith” makes me feel just like “voice of outrage/affirmation” per a more general definition. Being “voice of outrage” doesn’t mean you have to “critique others as often as they can or are on the bandwagon,” I think that’s silly. I think you can be a voice of outrage and be in full support of a single cause with unquestioned faith. So those two I have a total issue with.

I’m not sure this is the way it’s supposed to work – it’s about content, how you present it, and if you’re clear, amusing, firm in your beliefs, and just an all around consistent blogger, you can be successful. If all we ever did was read 10 or 20 blogs that people talk about regularly, it would be a pretty darn boring thing to do, wouldn’t it? Of course it would! That’s why you are always reading up on new things, clicking on links in comments, etc. It’s supposed to be a discussion, not yet another medium where a “talking head” is speaking to you and you are there only to listen. Blogging is a tool to be used by anyone who wants to play along and give their two cents. Not by the “chosen few” who are following some formula to win a popularity contest.

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