“Concerns Over His Reporting…”

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Hollywood Reporter has a story from Friday off the AP Wire about the investigative panel that has been created to look into the stories written by longtime USA Today journalist Jack Kelley.

Kelley resigned in January after he reportedly owned up to inventing a witness in a story he wrote while in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, back in 1999. There is apparently a tape recording where he got a female translator to pretend to do the interview for him, and this same translator was then interviewed by USA Today’s own investigative reporter who was backtracking the story for the pub. I haven’t been able to locate the story online, unfortunately, but have read in multiple places that it was a Front Page story.

Fortunately, USA Today has been very forthcoming in the story, and apparently even printed a half page “mea culpa”, The Guardian’s David Teather reported. I haven’t been able to find this online in USA Today’s data banks, so it must have just been a print version.

I’m not sure this is a full blown Jayson Blair-esque scandal just yet, but as USA Today seems to be very on the ball, details will probably be forthcoming, as the paper will need to uphold some dignity to keep its readership up and its advertising revenue steady.

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