Super Bowl Halftime

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Originally, I hadn’t planned on mentioning a thing about the halftime show at the Super Bowl yesterday. Then I thought I would mention something, but make sure and avoid Janet Jackson’s indiscretion with Justin Timberlake. [more here at MSNBC] Finally, I realized I had to say something about the planning that went into this.

1. If anyone, for one moment, believes that MTV or at the least Justin/Janet had NO IDEA about what was going to transpire during that act, I really do have a bridge for you. Though MTV says otherwise here: “The tearing of Janet Jackson’s costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance.
MTV regrets this incident occurred and we apologize to anyone who was offended by it.”

2. When MTV plans these things, do they *honestly* believe that we are stupid enough to think that P. Diddy (who rapped the part that Ma$e usually does) and Nelly were actually rapping to their songs? Along with Janet Jackson? Hell, Nelly had his mic at his waist most of the time, and Janet sound only exactly like her cds. And don’t give that “people expect lip synching” garbage to us. No we don’t. If you sound a little different from your CD, it’s okay. It’s live, we understand. Kid Rock sang his song, as far as I could tell, so what’s the problem?

3. (and not least) – What the heck is Janet Jackson doing as the halftime show? She’s not relevant AT ALL when it comes to music right now – she’s becoming like what Ashanti was for a while – she shows up on people’s records as a duet. I mean, at least it wasn’t Sting. I like both of these artists, but the point of the halftime show is that it’s supposed to be somewhat relevant or at least….good. P. Diddy showed that he really does have “concrete feet” as my wife likes to say, and what was he doing not even rapping a part of the song that he sings? Nelly, from what I hear, generally has exactly zero flow when he’s live, mostly because of a certain substance which I won’t get into right now. So we know he doesn’t sound like that outside the studio. I really have no problem with playing the music in the background or whatever, but at least make an effort to rap along.

Moving on… Justin Timberlake is definitely popular and there’s no real issue with him being in the show. I suppose MTV thought that rappers like Lil’ Jon and David Banner weren’t quite “family friendly” enough to show to 60% of the country or something. Howabout Chingy, or Snoop, or whomever. But let’s at least pretend to be cool for five minutes.

It’s one of those things like sports team alternate jerseys that show up sometimes – I really wonder if they ever did a focus group, and if the marketing person who put them together was a) on acid, as the colors might show, or b) trying to be a trendsetter. It’s not all about “selling stuff”. If you have garbage products like that, you end up wasting a lot of time and effort over something that people will all stop at the water cooler and say “So let me get this straight – a major international company put that idea together?”

[update: 8:49pm EST] Janet Jackson apologized for her breast being shown on national television. Her spokesperson, Jennifer Holiner, is quoted as saying “a red lace garment was supposed to remain when Timberlake tore off the outer covering”. Ha!

And Timberlake last night said “Hey man, we love giving you all something to talk about” on Access Hollywood, reportedly right after the incident. The article goes on to say that Janet Jackson released a statement that the whole thing was “a last-minute stunt that went awry”. Which only *slightly* conflicts with a quote from Janet Jackson’s choreographer, Gil Duldulao, who reportedly told MTV *last week* that “… some ‘shocking moments’ could be expected during the program,” according to Rolling Stone.

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