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Everyone’s probably familiar with the Shadow Traffic system right now – you know, the person who checks in in the afternoon and morning drivetime radio show with information on the various highways and byways in your neck of the woods. Typically, they give wait times at crossings like tunnels and bridges and such, and inform folks about accidents, sometimes giving suggestions on where to go as an alternate route.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times Robert Feder pointed out last week that Clear Channel has decided to make some changes to how they do their reporting on traffic in certain areas. This all started, apparently, when instead of giving traffic times to O’Hare airport, which is probably helpful to, say, 50% of the people on the road outside of the city, even if you’re not going there, they decided to give traffic times to Allstate Arena (home of the Chicago Wolves, DePaul Basketball, and other assorted events).

Let’s try and put this into perspective, that would be like not giving travel times to the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey, and giving times to Willowbrook Mall on Route 46 East, quite a bit from the Lincoln. Sure, a lot of people go to the Mall there, but how many of them are going there EVERY DAY? I bet not as many people as are going to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Howabout a bet that the same is true for O’Hare?

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