Ever Wonder How They Got There?

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Perhaps you haven’t realized it yet, but some sort of history is being made in the last few years in the radio and television personality “industry”. We’re seeing the personalities who will replace our current nationally known folks come into their own.

Yesterday, MediaWeek’s Katy Bachman wrote that Rick Dees was leaving his show on Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM station, and might be replaced with Ryan Seacrest, who is taking over for Casey Kasem on American Top 40.

Later on yesterday, KIIS-FM announced that Seacrest would indeed be taking over on Dees’ morning show, and had it announced by Britney Spears on-air, which you can listen directly to at kiisfm.com for the time being, but I expect that audio to disappear shortly. Interestingly enough, Seacrest’s American Top 40 will continue to be competition for the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, which is also heard stations nationwide.

So while some of you might not be so “into” Seacrest, he’s obviously congenial and absolutely resonates with teenagers (especially of the female persuasion), so he’s an obvious choice. Look for Seacrest to be around a long, long time. He’s also the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, which is on television at the moment, and was the reason for him leaving the radiowaves last month, where he previously was on KYSR/STAR 98.7 in Los Angeles. And yes, he’s *also* the guy you see on American Idol, keeping those judges in check (okay, not really).

At the same time this is occurring, Carson Daly continues to make his way into Dick Clark’s famous shoes. He might not have American Bandstand on his resume, MTV’s TRL has been a coup for the station that has made playing music on its long-time network a thing of the past – except at 5pm, Monday-Friday. He also hosts Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC, and is on New York’s own Z100 on weeknights from 6-7pm. He’s all over the place, just like Seacrest.

Fresh faces they’re not – at least not anymore. Both Daly and Seacrest obviously are pretty bright and know which risks to take, and surely have some great support systems going for them. It’s not just a good smile and the ability to talk in public – it’s a little bit of realism. When these two aren’t trying to preen for the camera, they can both be a little doofy – which you start to see if you watch/hear them enough. Daly’s been known to do some silly things on the set of TRL, and Seacrest doesn’t seem quite so staged when he isn’t on Idol. I suppose Dick Clark, Rick Dees, and Casey Kasem weren’t exactly universally loved at one point, but managed to make it for some reason – that they were good at what they do.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? Well, that none of us are probably getting Dick Clark’s job anytime soon, and that hopefully, the jingle for the American Top 40 will get done over real soon – I can’t wait to hear Seacrest go over a dedication about a dead family member.

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