Never Say Never?

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Yesterday’s article by Timothy Karr over at asks “Could Kerry Suffer the ‘Dean Effect’?”

I, for one, don’t think this would occur, as I truly think that Kerry has a significant lead and don’t see his campaign exploding anytime soon. I do, however, believe that John Edwards could absolutely take the nomination for the Democratic party in 2004.

Karr writes, “Edwards Turns on Charm”, and there is no denying it. I think that if Edwards’ ability to win over a crowd would allow him to overtake Kerry, I don’t think it’s the same animal as what happened to Dean. Dean was finished the moment the “scream” took place in Iowa, even though it was made out to be 1000% worse than what it really was. This would be pure showmanship and composure. I think that the linchpin in this candidacy might be how positivity vs. negativity works when the advertising spots start hitting the airwaves.

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