Newsday Gets A Facelift

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop] reports on changes taking place at that other New York-area focused newspaper, Newsday.

Changes have taken place on both the website and in the print edition, with a major change is the “back-page approach, which takes the tabloid’s longtime sports section design — which begins on the back page — and emulates it in other sections,” as reported in Editor & Publisher. This would cause the sports-first reader to jump into the paper but not necessarily just start at the last page and go back. Interesting. I’m really curious to see if this makes a difference.

A lot of people in the NY Metro area don’t give a lot of credit to Newsday (including myself, on numerous occasions) for their reporting, but it is a major publication and has some significant readership. While the typical reader might be coming from Long Island, it doesn’t mean Newsday isn’t on top of NYC-related news. Kudos to Newsday on this change.

And for regular Newsday readers (website or paper), you can contact the publication about your reaction to their changes here for website feedback or here for print edition comments. They have a link entitled “Redesign Reactions?” at the top of the site, in case you didn’t notice.

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