Blogs Vs. Your Newspaper

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Definitely check out PJNet’s interview with Tom Mangan, copy editor at the San Jose Mercury News.

Mangan makes some great points about why editors are still necessary, even though people thorougly enjoy reading a lot of unaltered blogs. And he’s spot on. Sure, some blogs make a point of cranking out posts – I maintain a few others where I cruise through and don’t necessarily self-edit myself. But I attempt to do a better job at this blog, just because it’s more true to my writing style and needs to be “cleaner”. He states that “Bloggers need to understand that their typos, their misspellings, their errors in fact and judgment cost them in the eyes of readers, and if they insist on going it alone they have to be comfortable with a small audience of people who don’t hold their errors against them.” How many times have we heard that in various places on the web? Unfortunately, that advice isn’t heeded, for the most part.

I guess it’s all about prioritizing – what are you trying to get out of your blog – is it there for venting, for reporting something new and important, or a place to test out your journalism skills?

Kudos to Leonard Witt for his “IM Interviews”. I’ve been making some headway doing them via email, but I’m glad to see IM is a viable option.

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