Comic Artists Want Paper

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Lore Sjöberg over at Wired News writes today about the Alternative Press Expo, which took place in San Francisco this past weekend.

The moral to the story? “[T]he printed page still has a cachet that the Web can’t hope to match.”

For once, print truly seems to reign over the realm of the techno-savvy. I’d have to say that having something like a comic book in hand is definitely a good thing. Recently, I purchased the first comics I’ve bought in years, the Marvel 1602 series issues 1, 2, and the current #7. I haven’t read comic books in a really long time – what I did notice was a lack of “grain” to the pages, but that’s okay – it’s that it’s drawn art in a different way, and the story was catchy.

Those of us who think paper publications are anywhere near their death knell are far from on target, it would seem – at least from this “alternative” press perspective.

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