Stern off Clear Channel Stations

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Jeff Jarvis makes some great points on the announcement of Howard Stern’s removal from some Clear Channel stations. A huge outpouring of comments on the post as well and some great links to external references.

I have no problem with people having issues with certain decency. I have no problem with Clear Channel making a decision to drop Stern from their stations. It’s their business. I do have a problem with these people who sit there in their ivory tower now and try and claim that things they liked two months ago are now indecent. Stop blurting out “told you so’s” and start realizing what slippery slope we’re all heading towards.

[update] More good points over at John Robb‘s blog, comments included; Lost Remote’s Richard Warner chimes in; Chris at Media Watch adds some quality thoughts. Stern himself blames the President for the changes taking place in broadcasting.

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