Emmis Communications Goes Zero-Tolerance

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Following the leads of Viacom and Clear Channel, Emmis Communications announced that they will be going “zero-tolerant” in the near future, mostly to stay away from the standards that the FCC is currently laying down.

I used to do some work with Emmis representatives on the print media side, so I’m somewhat familiar with this company. They do own 27 stations nationwide, and a stack of print publications. My question is the same as Jay Smooth’s – what is going to happen at Hot 97? If you’ve ever listened to that station, they do get away with a lot, especially after 10pm. (Not that other stations don’t, but they are a good example) You hear freestyling going on where they get very close, or just don’t, bleep stuff out. Uncut records go blazing by at 2am. Is that gone? Probably. We’ll see in the coming days how this continues to unfold.

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