Right Side Of Dial For Left

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According to John Mainelli’s article in today’s New York Post, WLIB-AM (1190 on your dial) will be the New York affiliate for the liberal radio network, to be entitled “Air America”. The network could go up as early as this month or sometime in April.

I was surprised to not really hear too much about the network after years of Sean Hannity tearing up the idea on his shows – so this comes as a big surprise that it’ll be up and running this fast. Looks like Al Franken, Florida-based Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo, and Robert Kennedy, Jr. will be the mainstays of the lineup. Can’t wait to hear who the morning drive-time host is.

The network’s site is located at centralairmedia.com, with Central Air being the company’s name until March 31st.

[via Drudge Report]

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