Children’s Music – A Joyous Collection of Comments

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

The Morning News has a roundtable of Leslie Harpold, the Dallas Observer’s Sarah Hepola, and Choire Sicha from Gawker discussing the music that children are listening to (and creating) these days.

Some highlights: After listening to Kidz Bop Kids, ‘Family Affair,’ , Sicha says “These children have never been crunk in their fucking lives.” and after hearing Arthur and Friends: ‘D.W.’s Brass in Pocket,’ Leslie follows up with “I can think of no greater crime against humanity and rock music than this cover of ‘Brass in Pocket,’ ”

Ouch. Probably shouldn’t be looking for ideas on what to buy your kids in this review, but at least it makes for fun morning reading.

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