Did You Hear The One About the Makeover?

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Felix Salmon at MemeFirst posted yesterday about the recent incident in which a New York Times culture reporter (or actually, his apartment), was subject to a makeover done as a part of Oprah Winfrey’s television show.

According to The New York Post, Jesse McKinley’s apartment was redone by “Queer Eye” design maven Thom Filicia to a tune of about $50,000. When the Times found out about the re-do and the cost, they reportedly “freaked out,” according to the Post article, and informed McKinley he’d have to pay back the amount. After some discussions on the subject, now it seems that Mr. McKinley and his wife will have to pay some amount less than the $50,000, which hasn’t been made public at this time.

I could comment, but why ruin all the fun?

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