Younger Readers & The Internet

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Wondering what newspaper sites are doing with all that nifty information they ask for when you “register”? Susan Mernit has a post about statistics garnered from the “Power Users 2004” study.

In a related story, has an abstract up that talks about print being on the “path to extinction and taking the online media with it.” The reason? Young people no longer reading the newspaper and the fact that that the online iterations of these newspapers aren’t adapted enough “to the individual interests and tastes of every reader.” Bummer. I think we’ll see what happens with things like Philips’ version of digital paper [via Rewrite!] become a little more feasible. It’s not inconceivable that this revolutionary product could end up being some sort of savior to the newspaper industry, right?

And finally, Online Journalism Review’s Vin Crosbie writes a piece entitled “What Newspapers and Their Web Sites Must Do to Survive”. Thanks to Hypergene MediaBlog for pointing it out.

[update] Okay, I was wrong. tells us that more people are reading newspapers these days, but reading them for less time. Again, age is a factor.

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