Are You A [shudder] Buzz-Snatcher

[This item was originally posted to The Media Drop]

Folio’s Simon Dumenco writes about something we’re all familiar with, but never had a term for. Being a “buzz-snatcher”. He conveys that the coinage actually came from his co-worker, Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, but I think it’s perfect!

I’d say the first “tip” is the definitive one, and should make you realize what the term means.

You’re an editor or writer at a women’s magazine and you build a fashion feature — say, a guide to “must-have handbags” — around paparazzi shots of whatever the hell the socialite du jour (such as Paris Hilton) happens to have been carrying recently.

You’re also a slacker, but hey, what do I know. If you want to create a trend, find something you like in a shop or on some random person’s shoulder downtown. Don’t wait until someone strolls down the red carpet with it. (whatever “it” is.)

Check this one out – it’s an amusing – yet true – piece.

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