Simply Unbelievable

Singer Robert Palmer, 54, has died of a heart attack in Paris today. Palmer, famous for his identically dressed girls playing in his “band” in his music videos, had hits with “Addicted to Love”, and “Simply Irresistable”, among others. Just heard this over the radio a few minutes ago. Sometimes these things really do seem to happen in threes, don’t they – with Johnny Cash, John Ritter, and now Palmer within weeks of one another.


So I almost downloaded “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine for my cellphone, from my favorite service Zingy, but then I realized, in a moment of “what would Zach de la Rocha do?” that that would just be wrong. So I downloaded 50 Cent’s “If I Can” instead. That seemed more logical.

I think that Morello and the boys would be very upset with me that I managed to obtain their lovely song and put it on my cellphone for person amusement. It’s probably against something they believe in, but I can’t figure out what yet, considering they’re in the business of making money. Even in the post-RATM world. Speaking of Zach, what the heck is he doing these days?

Blocking the RIAA?

Looks like “Methlabs” has set up some software that effectively blocks all known RIAA IP ranges from your computer. The technology is called “PeerGuardian”, and apparently lags your computer bigtime… So if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out – I just heard about it moments ago.

[update] apparently, you can go to as well.

[update 2] David Teather of The Guardian has dropped his recap on the recent “crackdown” that the RIAA has put forth on music downloaders. It’s interesting to see this quite late, considering the hubbub in the USA last week about all this.

He’s Baaaaack!

Who’s back? Sir Mix-a-Lot’s back and ready for action with his new album, “Daddy’s Home.” After seven years, the new album is hitting the streets.. I actually listened to him way before “Baby Got Back,” when songs like “Swass” and “Buttermilk Biscuits” were out there. He’s definitely not a one-hit wonder, and his bass was definitely bangin’ back in the early 90s, while I was in high school.