Going to L.A.? Hope it’s not a bachelor party…

Just yesterday, the Los Angeles city council passed a provision that will have strippers being forced to stay at least 6 feet away from their “patrons” at strip clubs in the city.

Club owners are obviously upset, and don’t want to have anything bad happen to “the thriving business which employs thousands of people.” I suppose I’ve never thought about it that way. Oh well. Also, note the “stiff opposition”. That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.


I’m a big fan of calling out spammers when they do things, even when there is a legit business behind it. I’ve received the following to an email address I’m not using anymore, but my previous cable company has yet to shut down – it currently forwards to a personal email of mine. Anyone else get this? I’ve never signed up for their “seminar”, nor do I plan to. What is up with people. I suppose spam must work somewhere, because it keeps coming.

FROM: firstfutures@onebox.com (FF&CG Capital Management) | Save Address
DATE: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:10:12 -0500
TO: <XXXXXXX@optonline.net>
SUBJECT: Chicago Board of Trade


I am writing in response to your recent request for a free online “Investor
Tutorial” from the Chicago Board of Trade’s web site.

My name is Jon and I am the principal of FF & CG Capital Management,
and www.mydiversifiedportfolio.com. I have been a licensed futures
professional since 1988, and have been professionally advising individual
clients since 1991. My firm is unique, highly specialized and concentrates
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prospective investors, I always emphasize the many reasons why proven
professional management offers the best opportunity for the highest returns
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professionally Managed Futures, a little-known but growing asset class.

On a personal note, I am proud to say that FF & CG Capital Management will
only advise client participation in programs to which my personal funds are
exposed, and which have proven successful over a considerable period of

* Personal account statements are available upon request.

Very Truly Yours,

FF & CG Capital Management

Dear Jon,

If you were so concerned about investors coming to use your service, perhaps you should not use methods such as this to contact prospects. No one signed up my address for this, and I certainly didn’t do it myself. Stop buying lists from Howard Dean.



The Ides of September

Added “Forums” to the site a few days ago, as another place for folks to chat about stuff. I’ve only added a “politics” forum so far, but can add more if people are willing to use them. Feel free to email me if you’d like to have a specific topic added. Perhaps they’ll pick up as the site traffic picks up.

Also – a federal appeals court postponed October 7th’s recall election in California, stating that old-school punch card voting machines need to be replaced by another method in some districts. Great – now we get to have more politicking by Arnold, Mary Carey, and Dave Grayvis.

Don’t you think “Cash to be buried today” was a poor choice for a headline? What if you don’t like Johnny Cash or completely forgot about the fact that he died, or you just came in from a trip in another country or something? Perhaps it’s just me, but I didn’t think it read very well.

There’s a front-page-on-the-Web-article at the Seattle Times today about Sir Mix-a-Lot, which you can read here. Glad to see he’s getting semi-mainstream props from a publication – but then again, it is his hometown. [here’s my post from last Thursday on this topic] It’s a good article. I always wondered what his real name was.

Yahoo! has an article from today’s Washington Post, written by Brian Krebs, about the recent glut of software patch updates, mostly focusing on Microsoft. The article centers mostly around the time it’s taking system administrators and staff to install them. What should be added is the time that users are losing out on their work day, or ending up staying late. If you were to have to give up your computer 15 minutes every couple days, it gets annoying – your techs can’t work everyone’s computers at lunchtime!

Hurricanes and beer

The hurricane that’s headed for the eastern seaboard of the US is hot on everyone’s mind right now. Today, it looks like it’s aiming for North Carolina, and people are preparing for its landfall, which could begin occurring as early as tonight/tomorrow. Most of the Eastern portion of the country is gearing up for lots of rain and plenty of wind. Again, here is the link to the current map where NOAA thinks it’s going to go, which is updated every 6 hours or so. [map link via Drudge]

A high-school friend of mine just lit up my email box with this link to Kegworks.com. Their website has all kinds of great supplies for setting up bar at home or wherever! I especially like the branded tap handles.


Well, even though Matt Drudge’s headlines of late asking Isabel to “make up her mind” have seemed contrary, it looks like the Eastern portion of the US will be hit with a hurricane later on this week. It’s been expected to slow down (you can see it here) as it gets closer to land, and now looks like it’ll be right up on the coast by sometime Thursday. Mind you, that’s the center of the storm. I’m probably in for some bad weather in the NYC metropolitan area. Always exciting. MSNBC also has some coverage… I love how they’re saying “still packs some punch” – ooh, yeah – it’s down from 150mph to only 140. Whew, I feel so much better now. Now only 9 of the 10 houses on my street will lose their roof.

[update] further coverage with some good links and comments over at MetaFilter. USA Today has some good information on preparation for a hurricane hitting your house and such.

Leave the Space Alone?

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal, writing in Friday, September 12th’s paper, says that the space where the WTC previously existed doesn’t need to be rebuilt. Why, you might ask? He quietly edges around the fact that we’re “moving on”, so to say. He wants to keep the memory by keeping the ground open. I’ve never really thought about it this way, although I’m not one who has thought “if we don’t rebuild, then the terrorists win”, either.

But after watching some television coverage and listening to the complacency on most radio stations, I think that there are too many people who are willing to move on and do whatever they want to do. Not that we all shouldn’t live our lives, but sometimes there needs to be a little realization on what sacrifice happened on that day. We don’t sit there proclaiming acts that happened during the Civil War, but we celebrate Lincoln’s birthday (President’s Day, with all of the celebrated ones together) for a particular reason. D-Day is on all of our calendars. Shouldn’t 9/11 be on our calendars? I think it should. Your Page-A-Day should have it in there in a different font or whatever at the bottom or top of the page, however it’s set up. It’s not that it’s a holiday, but we have to be respectful of what happened.

People will read his article, or what I’ve written and toss it out the window like gobbledegook – but it isn’t. America can’t just sweep this under the rug by doing their own thing and building some new buildings. It’s always going to be there, whether we like it or not. The Japanese have Hiroshima to deal with, the German population has to overcome Nazi stereotypes, and now we have something we have to have on our heads. This is why the “Never Forget” mantra floats around so much. Because we’re so busy in the USA isn’t an excuse for a reality check.

So while I don’t wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Henninger’s idea for not rebuilding, I do agree that we can’t forget about this or just let it go like it isn’t that important. It should be the basis for what our country’s platform is from now on. Not who stole which election.