iPod Commercials

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You know those songs that come up on the iPod commercials that you just don’t know? Well there’s one I had been trying to figure out for months. Finally this week (or maybe it was last week?) they added an “iPod Ads” section to their site, and it links to the four songs that are currently on blast.

The kind of funkdafied, reggae-ish track is Black Eyed Peas’ “Hey Mama” and it was worth all $.99 I spent on it. The garage-rockish track is Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl.” Third on my self-ordered list is N.E.R.D.’s “Rock Star“, and last, but not least, is the jazztastic “Channel Surfing” by Feature Cast.

Keep on the lookout for your favorite commercial and then go get the tunes. Great inter-divisional marketing on the Apple side – though I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Game Show Network Changes Name

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Next Monday, March 15th, the Game Show Network will change its name to GSN, “the network for games.” 100+ employees of the network got together to show the company’s old logo….

And “flipped” over their new logo, as seen here.

Also of note – the network will premiere “Fake-A-Date,” next Wednesday, March 17th. And the host of the show is….(drumroll, please?)….Evan Marriott, late of “Joe Millionaire”. I was wondering what he was doing with himself these days.

Five Minutes?!?!?!?!

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Lost Remote’s Richard Warner points out that Clear Channel is talking about putting five minute delays on its talk-format shows.

C’mon, are you serious? I can see 7 or 10 seconds, but 5 *minutes*??? Is Saturday Night Live going to be filmed from 10-11:30 Eastern now so we can make sure we have 1 1/2 hours to dump anything that gets said on the show? Perhaps CC is looking to cut costs and have less board operators on hand for each show, so they can have them monitor more than one show, run over, hit dump, and go back to whatever else they were doing. It’s ingenious. [/sarcasm]

Viacom, DISH Settle Up

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Earlier today, Viacom and EchoStar’s DISH Network announced a long-term agreement that would bring back programming to the 9 million customers using DISH’s services. It was just two days ago that EchoStar dropped Viacom’s feeds after expressing frustration at the broadcaster’s cost structuring, but it looks as if all parties are satisfied and will grow their relationship in the long term.

The Need For Commercial Skipping

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Today, Knowledge Networks issued a press release about some of their research which shows that not only do customers have a strong will to skip commercials, but that they “are willing to pay a significant price” to do so.

At the same time, more than half (57%) of those surveyed who had DVR/PVR hardware felt that no one should be able to acquire information about what programs they viewed.

Drop In Some Cargo, Get A Little Lucky, Add Some Home Stuff…

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And you get the newest Conde Nast publication, scheduled to hit newstands in 2005, according to Conde Nast’s release on the PRNewswire earlier today. James Truman, the force behind Cargo and Lucky will nurture this new publication to life. No additional information (including a title) is available as of yet.

[update 11:21pm 3/11/04] Media Life Magazine has more info on this publication, which looks like it’s going to be magalogue-y…

Is Jayson Blair For Real?

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First, I read over at Tim Porter’s that a portion of Blair’s book, “Burning Down My Master’s House: My Life At The New York Times,” seemed pretty close to a section in a piece about Blair in the Boston Globe last May. You can find the article in the Boston Globe’s archives for that day, it was written by Don Aucoin and Bella English.

Porter starts off his post with “I have been waiting for someone to fact check Jayson Blair’s book and find the inevitable: That Blair lifted some of it from somewhere.” I don’t feel the need to say any more.

Then, the folks at New Yorkish follow up with a bit about how a few of the “glowing” reviews of Blair’s book on Amazon.com seem a wee bit similar? Too bad we can’t have that little error that came about recently where we found out that authors were giving themselves props in their reviews.

And to think, he’s worried about credibility issues. Can’t imagine why.