Losses to Mourn

Upon hearing the radio go off this morning, I listened to the news for a few minutes, and found out about the deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter

Many young music fans may have been introduced to Cash just recently, when he was up for multiple MTV Music Awards, and I believe he won one award for “Hurt”, the Nine Inch Nails song he recently redid. Johnny Cash was obviously a pioneer in his own right, who had the bad-boy image, and the fantastic voice. Some consider him country, some consider him rock ‘n’ roll – I always said I never listened to anything country except for Johnny Cash…[update] Bryan Westhoff has a good writeup about Cash over at The Agitator. Has some links to the “Hurt” video, as well. Thanks for your post, Bryan.

Ritter, who most people know and love from his portrayal (used loosely!) of Jack Tripper, the wanna-be chef who lived with his two female roommates (Janet, Chrissy, Terri, to name a few) in an apartment building, pretended he was gay, and hug out with his pals at the Regal Beagle, the downstairs bar in some California city, passed away earlier today from an unbeknownst to him heart condition that caused him to have a massive heart attack last night.

They’ll both be missed, by lots of people, in lots of demographics, all over the place. You gotta enjoy them while they’re here, folks…