Turtles for Everyone!

Okay, not really – we don’t want you catching salmonella or anything.

Did anyone else see that Senate minority leader Tom Daschle will be blogging next month on his official website? Has this drawn the world of blogness to a horrible disaster, or what? [via drudge report]

Apparently more reports are out on the latest Windows security flaws, and they’re not good at all – looks like any worm that was made to take advantage of this would cause some quality damage… here’s the article at lgf

Hey music fans – want to “search” that song to see if it’s an RIAA related artist, album, whatever? Check out RIAA Radar… Have a ball with this one… [via boingboing]

RealNetworks’ content chief, Merrill Brown, has decided to leave the company after only one year, citing internal changes and creative strategies (or, I suspect, lack of them)… RealNetworks is one of these companies that is outlandishly huge, but just doesn’t seem to ever get the respect one would think it deserves. Maybe because its software more or less feels like it’s taken over your computer.. Heaven help you if you don’t have more than 5 or 600 mHz.

Not a Fan? Looks like the Dixie Chicks’ bus got hit by a truck this morning at 3:30am in San Antonio…. After the pickup owner was answering his cellphone, he smacked into the bus. But the bus driver was partially at fault for his choice of parking spots. Only the truck driver had minor injuries, and only one of the ‘chicks was on the bus at the time.

Looks like toll-taking is as strange a job as you might think, on America’s roadways – or at least in the Orlando, Florida area….

Surprised more hasn’t been spoken of today about CAPPS II (Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening Systems), which is being rolled out at a secure government location, and formal timing for use by everyone hasn’t been given out yet – nor will it probably happen. CAPPS II came about after 9/11. The article states that people would have to provide typical information when buying an airline ticket, but would need to add birthday, among other things, and it would be run up against a government-kept database. This is all fine and good, but we’re being so reactionary towards air travel, it’s not even funny. That’s where we’re all looking. That’s probably not where the next horrid thing will come from (thought with the recent announcement from the feds, I might eat crow on that), but all we do is work on air travel – maybe it’s the easiest thing to fix, but it’s a little out of hand. I’ve also heard rumors that it may be necessary for folks travelling *through* the US to other places to get a visa in order to land and switch planes… I’m curious to see how this works out, considering the amount of business that goes on in the States.

Vroom, Vroom Okay, so there’s no engines, but I had no idea there was really a “Soap Box Derby”… Apparently Ohio has one going on, and this is the place to find it. Who knew?

Makeup, too? I guess you can’t even afford eye-liner with this… The 165,000 people who sued tele-vangelist Jim Bakker in 1987 are getting a whopping $6.54 each. Yes, a whole $6.54. Disturbingly enough, Bakker is on the air again, out of Branson, Missouri.

Create Your Own TV Show

The Pilot Project is aimed at letting YOU, the Internet user, show your fantabulous ideas of becoming a television producer by submitting an idea for a television show that you thought up. Simply sign up, pay your $25 signup fee (non-refundable, BTW), and there you go. You could win the $3,000 prize!

The thing I found most sad is, people are already coming up with “reality” television shows. I guess they really do sell – but considering like everyone I know complains about them, why are they so popular? Because people are closet reality-show-watchers! Nevertheless, this sounded like a great idea. [thanks to MSNBC]

News Makes a Difference?

Well, I read an article this morning on MSNBC about how air marshals were being pulled off overnight flights… Now, it seems, marshals are back on these flights, at least partially. Talk about someone wanting to save face. I can see Tom Ridge throwing stuff around the office when he heard about this getting out earlier today. More importantly are two other things – that there is a “grapevine” for air marshals that the news media is somewhat tapped into, and two, that in the photo in the article, the “gentleman” on the right side in the reddish shirt looks like some sort of zombie. Check it out.

I’m a little upset about the recent change in the layout of orbitz. I find it’s not quite as fast, not quite as easy to navigate, and generally not pretty. Anyone else think the same way? It’s not looking good for my fave travel site.

New Jersey’s roads will have a “sign makeover” in the coming months. And it’s only going to cost $50 million!

Here’s another good link at boingboing about how some new motherboard technology is more or less being marketed as a way to keep the RIAA off of your hard drive. Now that’s just ducky.

Saw a truck today that said When Doody Calls… They’re apparently a pet waste cleanup company. I thought twice about this, wondering where there was enough pet waste to use this service – then after reviewing their website, it seems that they’ll do work for seniors and others who have trouble taking care of their pets, including litter box changing, etc. They also sell signs and fake fire hydrants, among other things. Fascinating. That’s my company of the day.

I’m finding that Chevelle’s “Send the Pain Below” is superiorly (sp?) more addicting than some of the latest rap stuff out there. Check out Chevelle at chevelleinc.com. You can view the WMP300 version here, the WMP100 version here, the WMP56k version here, and quicktime version here… I recommend it for you if you’re into a decent rock out for the day.

Also – I recently got the Diplomats CD, and I’m super disappointed in 90% of it, for some reason. Some of the tracks are hot, like the “Hey Ma” remix, but otherwise some of it is just tedious. What’s up with that? Oh – and if you’re looking for Cam’ron and the rest of the Dip Set, don’t go here. Unless you want to laugh hard – you’re not going to find Juelz Santana there. Go here for the Harlem Diplomats…

Today I received a spam. already. about Bob Hope and a “collection” of his movies to honor and pay tribute to him. Here’s the successful link to the bastards. vtvsws@best-buyz.net is the “individual” who won’t send you more spam if you don’t reply to this message. This is only the third one this week!

Hey, look! Don’t want to be buried, cremated, or covered in concrete and dropped to the bottom of the ocean? Now you can be disintegrated just like biohazard materials and chemical wastes! Ruben Rosario at the St. Paul Pioneer Press points out this option for Minnesotans. I can’t wait till this is rolled out nation or worldwide! It’d be so exciting to be “converted into an EPA-safe liquid solution of amino acids, sugars and soap that can be released into the sewer system or used as fertilizer or compost.” Mmmmmm, mmmm! Tas-ty!

And here is a kicker of an article on espn’s page 2 about the trade deadline, and more than likely the trades we all *think* should happen.

Where are we?

Frankly, I’m not really sure…

What I do know is, there’s a good find over at boingboing about how a new experimental WiFi network was used in order to help the folks fight the fire… Check it out.

Just heard a fantastic thing on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN radio about Pete Rose… Did anyone else notice that he wasn’t at the MLB Hall of Fame ceremonies this year? If you follow baseball or the HOF ceremonies, Pete is typically in Cooperstown, Pony hat and all, for this past weekend, year after year, signing autographs for fans and campaigning for his reinstatement and the ability to get into the Hall… Well – Dan just suggested that there is an “unofficial” gag order on Pete from the commish’s office, and I’m a firm believer that he’s dead on with that. I was thinking this on Saturday, and last night when I watched the rerun of the ceremonies to see the speeches (I wanted to see Eddie Murray), there was no mention or sight seen of Charlie Hustle… Very interesting. I’m with you, Dan.

I almost posted a link to the site (blog?) for Howard Dean, Presidential hopeful in 2004. Looks like he’s using his web “savvy” self or at least some good backers in order to raise more money than VP Cheney in one day on the ‘web. We’ll see where this goes. [via drudge report]

An NJ state senator is calling for a “safety class” to be taken before riders can use a Jet Ski… After an accident recently, the senator has capped off this recent debate with the proposal. I’m sure the Jet Ski (they’re one that lost their name and it became the industry term, didn’t it…) rental places are really pleased about this – not only do they have more paperwork to follow, but a lot of people aren’t going to get this certification. Not that it’s a good thing or bad thing in my opinion – you can never be too safe with things. But still, this is a little over the top, I think. At least right now – but you know it always takes an accident for a decision to be made to fix something (see: NHL netting, NASCAR neck & head restraints)

How big of a deal is it that Yahoo! keeps weblogs under “News and Media” in their directory… Tells you something, now doesn’t it?

Check this out. Onfocus.com/bookwatch/ tracks mentions of books in blogs that ping weblogs.com and keeps a tally to see what’s talked about most. Now that’s actually useful – almost like looking at the “college top 10 singles” in the back of your “Rolling Stone” magazine…

Saddam is apparently upset that his kids were dead…. Awww. Well, I guess if one had children who were shot like 20 times each and shown on television looking like wax, one would be upset too. Even if they were a vicious dictator.

I can’t believe this story! Apparently a retired stadium worker at Minnesota’s Metrodome has come out and said that he routinely turned the stadium fans to blow out when the home team was at bat, and the other direction when the visitors batted…. Wow!

Media rules have been issued by the Judge in the Kobe Bryant case… Check them out..

Sony’s Playstation is going wireless, and will include wireless LAN technologies, Sony says…


Added Freedom.net to the utilities links on the left. They make software for virus protection, firewall needs, spam-blocking, popup-blocking, parental controls, and “invisible” web surfing. I’d followed them for a while and had gotten in touch with the company [zero knowledge] a ways back on a previous web project I had worked on – very attentive company providing solid products and support.

Added Ann Coulter’s website to the authors. I really don’t support 90% of what she has to say, but she’s pretty darn snotty so sometimes it becomes amusing to read. I would add her to the “reads” normally but it’s not quite a blog.

Added Janet Evanovich’s website to the authors. She writes the Stephanie Plum novels “Hot Six”, etc…

Mourning, Mayhem, and Malfeasance

Well, in case you hadn’t heard already (because I know I’m the first source for news), Bob Hope died today at 100 years old. He apparently passed away yesterday at home from pneumonia… I haven’t seen him on the television or in public anytime lately, but I know he’s been one of the hardest working people in showbusiness for a long while.

After reading this article, I was happy to hear that major theatres and venues are booking rap acts, even in Utah. But what I really want to know is, does “ho’s” need an apostrophe? I mean, it’s not possessive.

Oops! Detroit Lions NFL team slammed with $200K fine for not interviewing minority candidates before hiring ex-49er coach Steve Mariucci. Interesting, very interesting.

Depending on who you ask, either 49 or 50 US soldiers have been killed since the Gulf War II was declared “over”… US forces are hunting down Saddam apparently. We’ll see how this pans out. According to sources, this time someone dropped a grenade from an overpass onto the canvas-topped Hum-vee the soldiers were riding in. Makes you think twice about those kids dropping bowling balls from overpasses in suburban America, doesn’t it.

And as 28 million US telephone numbers have been placed on the Federal “Do Not Call” list [donotcall.gov], American Teleservices Association, an industry trade group for telemarketers, has sued the FCC as a follow-up lawsuit to their earlier suit this year against the FTC that the Do Not Call list was regulated too much. Guess who’s not going to win this one? Any judge who turns this over will have his/her telephone number(s) all over the Internet so fast it won’t be funny.

Hillary Clinton’s re-election website has gone live, apparently. Oh boy – the world is in trouble now. I love the identification of New York all over the site – like she knows half of the information about NYS as she claims to on there. That’s horrid.

Saw an advertisement for The Smile Train, a charity for children to receive cleft lip and palate surgery. It’s probably the first one I’ve seen other than those ones on television for “only cents a day”, that actually tells you what you’re getting for your donation. They’re claiming that for $250 you can provide surgery for one child. That’s pretty impactful, considering what they say about this need. I urge you to check it out.

Apocalypse Friday.

That’s what I think it’s going to be from now on. And since typically all the new movies and such come out on that fateful day, we’ll have lots to talk about.

First of all, has anyone heard that “Joey” will be the new show taking over the slot currently held by “Friends” on NBC? This is a freaking disaster. I can’t believe they’re going to spin off Matt LeBlanc into anything that didn’t have permanent press.

Since the Iraqis didn’t believe that Odai and Qusay Hussein were really in the pictures we all saw yesterday, then perhaps they will now. Thought they both look like something from the wax museum. MSNBC is showing a vid about six minutes long that contains the broadcast they showed earlier today. Here is a link to the article that comes with it. I think it’s a Windows Media Player file.

Yeahhhh! Get Crunked up! USA Today puts together a fine article on “crunk” music, currently moving up the charts and somewhat becoming mainstream with a totally different sound not quite like the ‘Dirty South’ stuff you’re used to. I think that David Banner’s “Like a Pimp” is possibly the most infectious song out there right now, and I can’t stop jamming to it. Howabout you?

And while we’re on the story involving the Ying Yang Twins, who can ever forget their hit “Say I Yi Yi”, which brought us quality lyrics like “I lke the way you wobbedy, wobbedy when it wiggle”. [courtesy of Lyrics on Demand]

Anyone else excited to see next Tuesday’s show about the ins and outs of ESPN‘s SportsCenter? Jim Gintonio at the Arizona Republic brings up a couple of interesting points about what will go on during the show…. Among other things.

Anyone who’s seen Honda’s robot Asimo before might have been fascinated. But how will they feel when they see this? Asimo danced with children for almost a half an hour yesterday at the Boston Museum of Science… Now that’s pretty cool.

And I think I’m going to start posting the amusing things that people find the lingosphere by searching for. I haven’t figured out how to put it in the layout, but here’s todays. On Yahoo!, I’m the only page that comes up for “ezpass hanger“. On Google, one other site comes up. How upsetting.

Amber alert goes live on the ‘net in New Jersey

New Jersey has started its own “Amber Alert” website, which you can learn about what AMBER Alert is, here. In case you don’t know anything about it, it’s a major endeavor with some state governments, law enforcement, and private companies – where an announcement can be made over a “network” when a child (someone under 18) is kidnapped or missing. There are other criteria involved, but that is the overall gist of it. It’s a pretty good idea, and has caught the eye of national news outlets over the last few months, as various states have joined in together on the project. You might see AMBER alerts on the highways in the US on those signs above the road, telling you to look for certain cars or individuals…

This site will have the actual AMBER alerts when they come about.