Moussaoui Charges to be Dropped???

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard that charges were to be dropped against Zacharias Moussaoui, the alleged “20th terrorist” as related to the 9/11 attacks… Thanks to Mitch Ratcliffe over at for posting about it yesterday… He links to this release (no pun intended) over at the Department of Justice. So it looks like they’ll drop the charges, then they THINK they’ll be able to have another shot at Moussaoui through a valid appeal process against him having access to the folks down at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray.

That is, unless one of these unconstitutional-ass judges who just deuced the Do Not Call registry gets a hold of the case. Sorry, but my optimism falls out the window when it reaches certain individuals in the legal system – probably too many episodes of Law & Order or something… And yes, I’m using “deuced” to mean “ditched, got rid of, threw out” or whatever you want to use it as. Write it down, perhaps it’ll make the dictionary one day.

Do Not Call Registry “illegal”?

Just read on techdirt that a federal judge in the great state of Oklahoma has declared the “Do Not Call” list illegal. is also reporting the same thing, with a little bit of depth. I’m not very pleased by this happening, to be honest. It’s just about to start working in a couple days, and I would really like to see it happen. Now there’s no way it’ll start by 10/1. Sometimes I really really wonder if legal persons are actually human, to be honest. I just don’t get it. I think I have the right to tell people not to call my house and sell me stuff – sorry, but that’s just me. Same for my mobile phone – if I ever start getting spam text messages like in Asia or voicemails with ads, I’m going to drop.